I like (short) books!

Books can open your mind.
Books can take 900 pages to do it
Or just a few.
I always knew words were important to me.
As a child I read them, I wrote them, I said them.
I took great pleasure in finding just the right word to fill
Just the right gap in communication.
That’s a word I was so excited to find in seventh grade for a news story
I was writing.
I might as well have used the word for that moment in my life, too.
I had just found out I was here on this planet to communicate things –
Clearly, succinctly (great word, eh?) and preferably
with an exclamation point!
The stories I write are short.
That’s not to say they aren’t complex.
They are.
But I like boiling things down to simple and clear.
Why use thousands, when a hundred words will do?
You might also notice, in my stories, the characters change
but the point is always the same.
Our highest calling is to be who we are.