normal woman


As long as you’ve landed here, you may as well get to know me a little better!

Thumb-nail sketch? I used to be a lot of things on TV (news anchor at KARE, TV host on HGTV) and now I’m a lot of things off TV (inspirational speaker, author, non-profit co-founder, big dreamer).

I’m grateful for everything I’ve had, but I’m most grateful for this moment, when I distill my life down to this:

I am a normal woman seeking peace

What does that even mean?
Well, here’s what I know.
I’m a lot like everyone else. 
Yeah, I worked on TV for a couple of decades, but mostly
I’m just me.
(Make that ME)
I also make an appearance as a mom, a wife, a daughter.
I love my dog.
I worry about getting older and my waist getting larger. 
I long for meaning in my life. 
I’m a lot like you. 
Which makes me wonder why, when everyone seems so concerned 
With the world we can see and feel and pay for… 
I spend much of my waking life looking to understand the 
Stuff I can’t see. 
You know, the energy around us that runs the world —
The Invisible EverReady Bunny behind the scenes. 
I read books by big thinkers. 
I take seminars from people who say they’ve figured it out.
I talk to people who say they talk to people I can’t see. 
I take my symptoms to healers with alternative views and no 
MD behind their name. 
I’m looking for answers that may challenge who we think we are. 
I believe life is a lot more magical than we allow ourselves to believe. 
I invite everyone to consider exploring and evolving with me…a normal woman. 

A little more about me…