The Invisible

The Invisible is a one hour, weekly television show about nothing
you can see.

No See TV.

Intriguing, huh?

It is about the invisible energy that we ignore,
even as it permeates our world.

Healing energy.
Spiritual energy.
The energy of thought
and intention.

We’d capture the energy in a fully visible magazine format.

Shot in front of a studio audience, the show would be a fast, fun, experiential combination of interviews, field pieces, graphics, on camera experiments, discussion, and audience participation. The exact combination would depend on the week’s subject matter.

Topics would range from spiritual healing (hands on, reiki, shamans) to belief systems (reincarnation, the consciousness scale of David Hawkins, The Hidden Messages in Water) to the metaphysical (angels, spirit guides, channels, psychics) to alternative health treatments (kinesiology, medical intuitives, energy balancing machines, Neuro Modulation Technique) to human energy systems (auras, chakras, the soul, feng shui).

The Invisible would never tell its audience what to believe, but would ask them to open their minds and help us ask the question “What If?”

The Invisible aims to be empowering, enthusiastic, experiential, entertaining, encouraging, empathic, and fun.